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Cuisinart LogoCuisinart has been a leading name for kitchen appliances, cookware and food preparation equipment for years, all for a very good reason. The name Cuisinart, which blends the words “cuisine” with “art”, truly represents the fine products available from this company. After reading many Cuisinart cookware reviews online, I decided to add my own opinion to the mix so that home cooks, professional chefs and anyone interested in preparing great food will know exactly what to expect.

Cuisinart 10-piece Cookware Set

An excellent gift for newlyweds, recent graduates or anyone wanting to stock a kitchen with a full range of top-quality kitchen equipment, the 10-piece Cookware Set from Cuisinart offers everything a budding chef could dream of.

The set includes one 8-inch skillet and one 10-inch skillet. It also includes an 8-quart stockpot, a 1 and a half quart and a 3 and half quart saucepan, all with lids or covers.

All the skillets, saucepans and the stockpot are unibody construction, which means that the handles are permanently attached. They are all dishwasher safe, which means they can handle years of treatment under the flame and hot water. All of the pans and pots are ovenproof to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that they are versatile enough to cook any dish. Each piece is also finely crafted stainless steel.

Despite the rugged construction of all of the cookware, the combined total weight of the entire set is less than 19 pounds, which is frankly astounding. And although it’s not supposed to matter when preparing food, frankly this set of cookware looks fabulous whether on the stovetop, hanging above a kitchen island or pot rack, or resting on a pantry shelf.

Currently, cookware is labeled “non-stick” if it is coated in a special chemical (such as Teflon) that prevents food adhesion. Although Cuisinart’s 10-piece set is NOT technically non-stick, the quality manufacture of these stainless steel pots and pans means that they are virtually non-stick, all without the dangerous hassle of inadvertently consuming tiny bits of chemicals. Furthermore, the rugged stainless steel construction means that they clean up quickly and any stubborn food particles can be easily scoured or brushed off.

About the only downside to unibody construction means that the handles for saucepans or skillets could get extremely hot if left placed above an open flame during cooking. Beginner chefs might also forget that pots and pans placed in the oven will be universally heated, including the handles, and so caution is warranted.

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Cuisinart 77-11G Chef’s Classic Stanless 11-piece Cookware Set

A very comprehensive set of cooking pans and pots for anyone moving into a new house or apartment, wanting to upgrade to quality kitchenware or simply interested in obtaining a full set of cookware for their kitchen.

The 11-piece set includes: one 8-inch skillet (frying pan), one 10-inch skillet, one 1.5 quart saucepan with glass cover, one 2.5 quart sauce pan with glass cover and a (separate) 18cm steamer insert, a 3-quart sautee pan with glass cover, an 8-quart stockpot with glass cover.

The stainless steel unibody construction means that all the pots and skillets will last for years and allow cooks to render perfect meals using smooth, even heating. The rims of the pots and pans are uniquely tapered so that pouring is simple and easy. The rugged glass lids for the pots allows cooks to keep an eye on foods as they are being prepared and to provide an aesthetic appetizer for the senses.

Despite the durable construction and the quality glass lids, the entire set weighs only just slightly more than 21 pounds, which is pretty astonishing. Cuisinart cookware is the perfect blend of strength and lightness so that the pans and pots last for years under high heat but are mobile and lightweight to allow cooks of all strengths to easily maneuver, flip, lift and pour foods and liquids.

All of the contents of this cookware set are dishwasher safe. The pots and pans are rated ovenproof up to 500 F, and even the glass lids for the saucepans can handle up to 350 F.

Cuisinart blends stainless steel construction with an aluminum base precisely to provide smooth, even heating in the base of all of their pots and pans. This means that foods cook evenly while still allowing for rapid heating such as boiling water or other liquids.

Because the lids for the saucepans and stockpot are made of glass, they DO get quite hot after extended cooking sessions. This, however, is normal and to be expected, but beginner cooks might get surprised by this. The lids are partially heated because they seal in the cooking temperature so well, so this “minus” is offset by its usefulness.

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Some Online Reviews

Here are some helpful reviews I found of Cuisinart cookware that I found online:

I was so impressed when I came upon the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 10-piece cookware set. I was definitely blown away by the quality as the pots and pans were heavy grade yet pretty easy for me to handle. I raced home and ordered the set as soon as I saw that amazing price. I love these pots and pans so much that I ordered an entire second set for my daughter. They cook BEAUTIFULLY on my stove at home and I’ve never had a problem cleaning them in the dishwasher. Despite what I expected, the lid handles don’t really get hot unless you’re cooking on a higher heat for a while. I’m also glad to say that no delicate foods have been burned with these pots. This set looks fabulous, cooks awesome, is easy and smooth to handle, and sells for a super price. What more do you want?


I bought the Cuisinart Chefs Classic set. Very high quality, great features and an economic value that’s perfect. I decided to give these pots a whirl for Thanksgiving because if it could handle that, it can handle anything! Awesome results. The pots have very nice lids that form a nice fit, and I like the classy riveted handles. The handles are perfectly designed to stay cool. I just want to add here that I dislike nonstick cookware, so these pots and pans were perfect for me. I just put a little water in the pan after cooking to loosen up food solids and cleaning up is simple. Later I stick everything in the dishwasher and it all comes out sparkling. I must say that these pots and pans really do perform and look like more expensive cookware I’ve seen. I am so happy about this purchase! About the only “defect” was a bit of spotting and variations in the metal color but I was able to buff this right back to new with a bit of Barkeeper’s Friend powder.


I am a proud Italian grandma and I raised 5 boys and 2 girls on daily home-cooked meals, so I love to cook and the kitchen is the beating heart of my home. When my youngest daughter got her first apartment, I knew I wanted to buy her a full set of quality pots and pans that would last for years. I wasn’t sure which brand to get, so first I did my research. I definitely wanted pot handles with riveted handles, because those are much more durable. I also handled all the pots and pans because it’s important to me how they feel. After much examination and review, I fell in love with the cookware set from Cuisinart. They are so beautiful and cook so evenly that I even bought myself a second set. They cook evenly, are simple to wash in a dishwasher or by hand, and look gorgeous on my stovetop. It was only when I had all the burners cranked that the lids got a bit too hot to handle safely, but that’s about my only quibble.

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Final Analysis

Whether as part of a home kitchen or for use in a professional restaurant, Cuisinart cookware is designed for years of use, even heating, long-lasting durability and versatility. Besides being stylish, attractive accouterments to any kitchen, Cuisinart cookware can go directly from stovetop to oven to dishwasher.

All aspiring or experienced cooks should definitely do their homework and read Cuisinart cookware reviews before purchase but ultimately I think they will agree with me that no other brand of quality cookware achieves the perfect balance of price and lasting quality.

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